Let's Break the Silence...
and understand mental illness better.

"Let's Talk" is a social network campaign in South Africa that honestly and openly explores what it's like to live with or care about someone who suffers from mental illness, as experienced by thousands of South Africans every day.

Many people don't want to discuss mental health issues because they're ashamed, embarrassed, don't believe it "really exists" or don't know where to start.

The"Let's Talk" film, created in 2012, featured inspiring real life case studies of ordinary individuals, high profile celebrities, businessmen and women along with hands-on advice from expert psychiatrists and psychologists. The film's message is one of hope – that mental illness is common, real and treatable, and that many can lead fulfilling and productive lives.

View our video here
or go to: www.youtube.co./user/letstalkmental

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F . I . L . M Project

In 2013 the students of The Film Industry Leadership Mentorship (F.I.L.M.) program, an NGO that provides work and training for students in the film industry, have done their film projects on mental illness.

See the "Student Projects" tab above to view their films and to vote for your favorite video.

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