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Pharma Dynamics joined forces with the Mental Health Information Centre (MHIC) at Stellenbosch University and the Film Industry Leadership Mentorship (F.I.L.M.) to get the country talking about mental conditions again. This forms part of the 'Let's Talk' social network campaign that was launched last year to create awareness regarding mental illness, and to fight the stigma preventing millions from getting treatment.

Film Industry Leadership Mentorship (F.I.L.M.) program is an NGO that aims to provide young people, wanting to pursue a career in the film industry, skills training for the road ahead. In 2013 the students did their annual film project on 'Mental Illness'.

The competition challenge was to create a short film of 3–5 minutes exploring mental health as experienced by thousands of South Africans every day.

The films could take on the form of a documentary or a short film and the aim was to create awareness, understanding and tolerance by helping break the silence and the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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The Interns at F.I.L.M are produced their films for the “Let’s Talk about Mental Health” campaign around the following critical challenges in South Africa:

  • Depression and unemployment – One in four “economically active” South Africans is now without work and studies show that unemployment is a risk factor for psychological symptoms of depression requiring medical intervention.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder – Psychiatrists estimate that at least 10% of the population has been affected by PTSD, which is a debilitating condition that follows a traumatic event, including domestic violence, traffic accidents, crime and war, or even divorce.

  • Depression and suicide in young people – Research shows that suicide accounts for 1 in 10 deaths from non-natural causes in youngsters. For every young person who commits suicide in South Africa, another 20 attempt to.
Roy Zetisky

Film Titles & Teams: (click to view on YouTube)
1] "SPEAK NOW" - CARREN BOST(23), Carlo Fredericks (26), Siyabonga Kalip(30), Siyanda Stuurma(25), Zena Americ(24).
2] The Winning Team!
- GARTH KINGWILL(35), Asanda Tshambuluk(23), Sarah Summers(23), Sibulele Stemele (23), Rageemah Jumat(22).

3] "ICE COLD" - HAJRA CASSIM(38), Cindy Lategan(32), Luvuyo Nibe(35), Qaqamba Mathuluka(23), Siyanda Price (23).
4] "THE UNRAVELLING" - LUBABALO MBABA(22), Chumisa Ndakisa(23), Portia Mkosini(22), Rolette van Wyk(25)

5] "HARSH REALITIES" - LUVO TUSANI(23), Mokabayi Mashabela(21), Nwabisa Sonkqayi(23), Vusi Mpu(33), Shadley Desai(25).
6] "RIDICULOUS THINGS" - REFILOE CHAKELA(29), Charmonay Maasdorp(28),Niven Hans(23), Elewani Netshifhire(22), Yandisa Velem(27).

7] "MOVE" - MIKE CHARLES(23), Andrew Bennett(23),
Doug van der Walt(37), Melissa George(41), Zintle Gqoloza(23)

Megan Jonkers(21), Monde Matyumza(24), Ziyanda Ntseke(20)

The Judges
The final decision for the entry will rest with a specially appointed panel of judges:

  • A nominated Pharma Dynamics representative
  • Roy Zetisky - Head of AFDA Film School
  • Kevin Kriedemann - writer, publicist & online marketer, specialising in film & the creative industries
  • Vuyokazi Matu – HR Practitioner, TV Producer, Marketing & Media Consultant
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